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    Introduction of Beijing Friend Group

    Beijing Friend Science and Technology Investment Co., Ltd.(Beijing Friend Group) was established in 1996. After over 20 years of development, it has become a diversified group corporation which includes industrial companies that integrate R&D, production, processing and sales, a property company and a cultural company. The six subsidiaries controlled by Beijing Friend Group are Beijing New Friend Insulation Material Co.,Ltd., Beijing Friend Chemical Co.,Ltd., Beijing Friend Composite Material Co.,Ltd., Beijing Friend Imp.&Exp. Co.,Ltd., Beijing Friend Runxin Property Management Co.,Ltd., and Beijing Xiangwang Culture Transmission Co.,Ltd.

    Our core products of industrial companies include insulation materials, SMC/DMC composite materials, GPO-3 and UPGM series composite materials, as well as deep-processing products of engineering plastics. These products are widely applied to various fields including aerospace, military, watercraft, petrochemical engineering, railway industry, power industry, electrical engineering, electronics, healthcare, machinery, etc. Our core products have been used in key aerospace engineering projects of China, such as Shenzhou, Chang'e, and Tiangong series. We have passed ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO45001 system standard certifications successively since 1998, and the products comply with many other national product standards like German DIN, United States NEMA, Japanese JIS, etc. Some products even meet the US military MIL-I standard. We have become a qualified supplier of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation after many years of assessment by the Aerospace Group Satellite Factory, as well as a global procurement supplier of well-known enterprises including GE, ABB, Siemens, Schneider, Alstom, Goldwind, CRRC, Dongfang Electric, Shanghai Electric, Xinjiang TBEA, etc., relying on our advanced techniques, reliable quality and excellent services. We have won the favor of domestic and overseas customers, and products are exported to dozens of countries in Asia, Europe, Africa, North America, South America and Oceania, etc.

    We are the vice-chairman unit of the Insulating Materials Division of China Electrical Equipment Industry Association, as well as China Composites Industry Association. In addition, we are one of the organizations that took part in the drafting of China's national standards for composite materials and insulating materials. We have co-founded a new products R&D center with Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences. This center has been recognized as an enterprise technology center of Beijing with independent research and development capabilities, which has been authorized with 11 national invention patents and 7 utility model patents.

    Beijing Friend, as a resounding brand, is attracting the attention of the whole world. Beijing Friend Group has also become one of the most competitive enterprises with the greatest potential in the composite and insulation materials industry.






    Introduction of R&D Center

    The R&D Center of Beijing Friend Group was established in 2004 with product development and analysis laboratories 500 square meters in floor area. This center consists of 2 Doctor’s degree holders and 9 Master’s degree holders. We have co-founded a new products R&D center and jointly established an advanced polymer laboratory with Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences. This center was recognized as an enterprise technology center of Beijing in 2007.

    Since the establishment of the R&D center, nearly twenty national invention patents and seven utility model patents were successively granted upon its application. Nineteen types of new products have been developed in recent five years, out of which fourteen were put into production. A total of six new material projects were approved by the state or Beijing municipal government. R&D projects undertaken by the center have been listed as National Torch Plan projects (a plan to develop new and high technology) and given the awards of “Best Project”, “First Prize in Science and Technology of Tongzhou District”, etc.


    Adhering to the spirit of independent innovation and the vision of building a longevous material enterprise, Beijing Friend R&D center will utilize years of practical experience and technological advantages of Beijing Friend in the field of new materials to attain corporate interests, while at the same time fulfill corporate social responsibilities and make due contributions to the insulation materials industry of China.


      廠訓:誠信敬業 精益求精 實事求是 開拓創新

      名稱:北京福潤達集團(Beijing Friend Group)


      電話:010-81508866 傳真:010-81508877

      業務咨詢:[email protected]

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